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Queensland Holidays

I entered a comp to win a holiday in Queensland a few months ago and got a promo email today. At the end of the email was a "follow this link to unsubscribe" link, and I did just that.

Now usually, that will take you to a page that says "You're unsubscribed". At worst, it might ask for my email address (although that information could have been passed to the page from the link in the email).

This site, however, decided that it would ask for an email address, and then send me an email with instruction on how to unsubscribe!

I just got this email:

Hi Ben,

You have requested to remove your subscription from the Queensland Holidays mailing list.

To confirm your request, please visit this link within 14 days.

This message was automatically generated by the Queensland Holidays mailing list.

I was half expecting to follow the link and be asked for my email address again, but luckily it just told me my subscription has been removed. Phew!


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